He Is Looking For Fruit

(Luke 13: 6-9)

I once heard a comedian say his wife wanted to play a game called “Do-Over.” She asked him, “If I were to give you a do-over, and you could marry anyone, who would it be? The husband replied, “You go first.” His wife proceeded and named a famous, handsome actor. So after laughing about her choice and how unlikely her chances were of meeting this famous actor, the wife asked, “So, who would you choose?” The husband responded with, “Oh, this hot young lady down at the local grocery store.” Of course, this wasn’t so funny to his wife because the chance of that happening was not out of reach. I hope you don’t want a do-over with your spouse. Nevertheless, all of us, at one time or another, have appreciated a chance to do something over, especially when we realized we dropped the ball or failed to produce as we should have.

A chance to make things right. After dropping the ball and failing to produce fruit that is pleasing to God, it is good to know there is God’s Amazing Grace.

This text presents three main characters: the owner of the vineyard, who represents God; the “vineyard-keeper” who represents Christ; then, finally, the fig tree that represents Israel.

It is clear that both the owner and the “vineyard-keeper” are in harmony with each other. One’s position (God’s) is from the logic of righteousness while the other’s (Christ’s) is from the logic of mercy.

Think about it, we live in a place that demands righteousness, something we can’t give, but it is expected of us; and mercy, something we need fresh every day.

The owner is looking for fruit that he has a right to enjoy. The “vineyard-keeper” is pleading with the vineyard owner to give the fig tree another chance; a do-over.

The owner approaches the fig tree, a tree known and valued for its sweet, edible fruit. A tree that is supposed to produce something intended to sustain and nourish life.

This is a tree that is not doing what it is created to do–produce fruit.

Question: What are you doing with your fresh mercy? Are you producing fruit?

“Lord, I pray to not take your mercy for granted, help me to produce fruit that is befitting for one who professes a hope in you, Amen.”