shh---secretShhh… I’ve Got A Secret
Philippians 4:11-13

Having five children, you can imagine the high grocery bill I have monthly. My wife often refers to the children as locusts because of their ability to devour any and everything.

One night my six-year-old ate not one, not two but three servings of chicken alfredo. After enjoying himself, he went over to his mother, for whom I had just baked smothered turkey wings, and asked, ‘Can I have a bite? She can’t not share with her children. So, with a full stomach and satisfied taste buds this little guy felt like singing—The famous song from Annie, “It’s a hard knock life!” Are you kidding me? After being amused and gently chiding him for his song choice, I thought, ‘How many of us, born again believers, are never really content in this life?’ Some of us may say,’ It’s understandable to be discontent if we have little.’ But how many of us are enjoying God’s bountiful blessings day after day and still not satisfied?

Society has done an excellent job of creating a culture of socially acceptable dissatisfaction. Always wanting more. Many times we aren’t able to enjoy what we have because we are often thinking about how to get something else we want. Everywhere we turn, teachers, community activists, and now, even pastors, are inundating us with messages that stress the importance of getting more.

Question: What if God only wanted you to have little for right now?

In our selected text for meditation this week, Paul reminds us, sometimes God gives us a little and sometimes he gives us more than enough. Either way we must learn how to get along and live with what we have.

Think about that for a moment: Life can be good despite what we do and do not have.

Question: If Jesus is enough, why do we complain so much as believers?

Lord, help us to be content wherever we are in life, Amen.