Shhh…I’ve Got A Secret—Day 4
Philippians 4: 11-13

shh---secretPaul says, “I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity.”

As we meditate over this particular portion of the text, we can’t help but notice that when referencing his being made humble Paul says, “I know how to get along.” However, when speaking of prosperity Paul says, “I know how to live.”

Because of Stoicism’s influence on the culture, their understanding of contentment consisted of life on only one side of a two-sided coin. They understood well living above needs and being self-sufficient. However, the thought of being humble or humiliated is something Stoics scurry away from.

Many of us today could probably identify with this reaction. We are alright with the one side of the coin that speaks of more than enough, and not so alright with the other side of the coin that speaks of being humiliated.

For Paul to say, “I know how to get along with humble means” he is saying, ‘Not only do I know how to live in prosperity, but I know how to cope, make do, and even make the conscious choice to lower myself to the place of being humiliated and still be content.’

If we would be honest, for most of us it is a real challenge to choose the side of the coin that represents lack, little or humiliation. To walk in the ways of Christ requires of us at times to make a conscious decision that may place us in humble or humiliating circumstances.

Question: If necessary could you make the conscious choice to be humiliated and remain content?

Paul saying that he “knows how to get along” also reflects his attitude, and his mood would consistently display his contentment. This attitude demonstrated by Paul would cause observers to wonder, ‘How does one be content when in a state or condition of being humiliated because of lack?’ Paul’s secret was not rooted in his own ability; but, because of Christ, he could handle being in any condition.

We, too, as believers, must learn to live with our mood not easily fluctuating because of our circumstances. When we live with our moods being consistently unfazed by our situations, it allows others to witness a mysterious strength and wonder, ‘What is the secret?’ Contentment.

Question: How often has your attitude or mood added to or taken away from your witness as a believer?

Lord, thank you for being the difference-maker in our lives, because of You we can handle being in any situation, Amen.