A God of Wrath Who is Merciful
Psalms 103: 8-14

This week’s devotional begins by continuing with last week’s message: God’s loyal love should be the focus of praise at every service of thanksgiving.

Having been a pastor for seventeen years, I have experienced my share of going to court with  several young men attempting to get their lives together. I would watch many of them as they paid close attention to the Judge. They were looking for another chance to get their lives on the right track and it all boiled down to if the Judge would be a Judge of mercy.

I have often thought while sitting in the courtroom, how awesome it is to have a God who in spite of us, is a Judge who is merciful.

Wow! Who would not appreciate such a merciful Lord?

I am enjoying meditating on the Scriptures and allowing them to reveal the truth about who God is.  He is all the Scripture says He is. He is a God of wrath, and He is a God of mercy, both at the same time.

There are times we forget this, either because we do not believe we should be forgiven because of our guilt or others have a tendency of always communicating the side of God that displays His wrath.

Yes, there are consequences for our sins, and yes, there is forgiveness.

Can we even begin to imagine what that looks like?  How can God by full of mercy and wrath?

Mercy is not receiving what one deserves. It is when the one who has been offended shows sympathy or compassion to the offender.

How awesome is that? We offend God, yet, He has pity on us and treats us with compassion by sparing us from what we deserve.

Question: Are we grateful for the Lord’s mercy shown to us?

This week as we meditate on Psalm 103,  do so not with intention of granting licenses to continue in our sin, however, with an appreciation for what the Lord has done in our lives, let us walk out that appreciation.

Question: What does it look like to show appreciation for the Lord’s mercy in your life?


 Lord, thank you for not dealing with us too harshly, Amen