Ever Learning but Never Knowing
II Timothy 3: 7

“Always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”


ever_knowing_postAs we begin another weekly devotional, I want to encourage us to take a moment and reflect on this thought. How does one be ever learning but never knowing?

It is a waste of time, energy, and effort to devote oneself to learning things though never accomplishing anything.

As we meditate on this text, Paul is addressing women who were allowing themselves to be deceived by false teachers.

These women, despite their quest to learn, lacked the ability to know the truth.

Is it upsetting to think of someone we know seeking to know the truth, but the truth they pursue perpetually eludes them?

Although our devotional passage speaks of the women being deceived, the truth is, all of us can find ourselves in the same state as these silly women.

So much information—still no truth.

What is it about us that we can be fascinated with life-long pursuits that do not sufficiently yield results of life-worthy value?

These women were motivated by a desire to know and they enjoyed any source of knowledge open to them. It was not the love of truth that compelled them to learn, but the excitement of knowing they were learning something.

Do you get excited about learning? Doesn’t having more education add to our standing?

Learning is often good. Has what we have learned drawn us closer to the truth?

Question: Are you certain you are not deceived and your learning is knowledge of the truth?


Lord, as we begin this week’s devotional help us to not only learn but grow because of the truth, Amen.