Ever Learning but Never Knowing—Day 2
II Timothy 3: 7

“Always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”


As we begin today’s devotional, let us remember that our passage is addressing women who are learning from the instruction of false teachers. Not only are they learning from false teachers however, but they are always learning.

Much in life is a consistent ebb and flow of  information being disseminated throughout our society. Nevertheless, my question is, to whom have we given permission to teach us or speak into our life?

As useful as information is, not all information leads us to the right place.

Yes, learning some things may be profitable or even productive in some areas of life, but, there is one particular learning that leads us to a place of knowing the truth.

High value is often placed on our ability to learn. In Greek the word for learn in our devotional passage is, manthanō, man-than´-o, the word means, to gain knowledge or skills by instruction.

As many of us have probably discovered, although much of what we have learned was useful it may not have been truthful.

Question: What does “useful learning” that does not necessarily lead to truth look like for us?

In all of our learning, can we say we have learned the truth?

As we meditate on this verse know this, the false teachers’ influence had a lot to do with the women’s inability to reach the knowledge of the truth.

This is why it is of utmost importance to be cautious, discerning and highly selective with regard to those who teaches us.

As a young Christian, I recall being disappointed about not being able to attend a particular college. I had a good friend who encouraged me in a most unusual way. She said, “I am glad you were not accepted.” Stunned, I asked, “Why would you say that?”  She replied, “You are not as guarded when it comes to whom you allow to teach you, and because of your respect for authority, you would most likely accept their teachings.”

As I have gotten older, I realized there was much wisdom in my friend’s revelation. Many of us have been formed and shaped by not only what we have learned, but by those who were teaching us.

I have had the opportunity to meet many who attended the school I desired to attend.  My heart is often broken when I learn of their theological position and how counter-productive they are to the teachings of Christ.

It is so easy for us to embrace the wrong people who teach the wrong things that prevent us from arriving at a truth that is both liberating and transformative.

Question: Whose feet are you sitting at to learn?

Can you trust them to teach you in a way that leads to the truth? Or, will their information make it hard for you to see God?

Think about that for a moment, not all information about God leads us to an accurate view of God.


Lord, we thank You for what we have learned that has led us into a productive and profitable life, most importantly we thank you for guilding us to the truth of Your Word, Amen.