Ever Learning but Never Knowing—Day 3
II Timothy 3: 7

“Always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”


Paul has made it clear in our devotional passage that false teachers and “The very falseness of the teaching itself makes them not able to learn the truth.”

What is this truth that Paul is mentioning here? “To come to the knowledge of the truth,” In our passage the word for, “of the truth,” is alēthĕia, al-ay´-thi-a. This truth refers to the gospel of Jesus Christ, or the good news about Jesus Christ, especially as a message that conforms to (and answers) the nature of reality.

This truth is dependable and unable to be shaken, nevertheless, how often is what we profess to believe regarding Christ challenged, and even discarded by what we learn from false teachers?

Could we say that perhaps we make a lot of assumptions when it comes to our faith in Christ? We assume we have Him and His gospel, yet, the teachings of our world systems is what impacts or influence us the most.

If the world around us is what governs our lives then what, “knowledge of the truth,” have we obtained? If men and women who claim to know and hear from God can continue to speak into our lives, teachings that contradict the gospel, what knowledge of the truth do we have?

To know the truth of Jesus Christ is to be guarded and even at times skeptical of the teachings of everything and everyone else. No, I am not encouraging us to be paranoid, but guarded.

Remember, we live in the world that is inundated with teachings that contradict and even on some level is designed to pull us away from this “knowledge of the truth” that is liberating and transformative.

Yes, I personally believe in God’s ability to preserve those who are His. However, it is incumbent upon us to ask ourselves, our children, family, friends, strangers and even enemies, what truth have you believed. Let us not forget there is the truth that leads to life.

There is a popular quote that says, “Know Jesus, know peace. No Jesus, no peace.”

Question: What do you know about Jesus and His gospel?


Lord, the truth of Your gospel is constantly under attack, help us to discern where we should stand, Amen.