Ever Learning but Never Knowing—Day 5
II Timothy 3: 7

“Always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

 ever_knowing_postWe conclude this week’s devotional in a spirit of gratitude. It is very easy to take our salvific knowledge of Christ for granted.

With all of the inappropriate and misguided theological teachings regarding Christ, we were able to avoid false teachers and receive knowledge that ushered us to the truth.

As we encounter truth, there is a growth that begins to take place in our lives.

Question: How can we learn the truth of Jesus Christ and stay the same?

The Greek word for knowledge in our devotional passage is, ĕpignōsis, ep-ig´-no-sis. The word means coming to understand something clearly and distinctly or as true and valid; often with a personal acquaintance that necessitates a positive or negative reaction.

To come to the knowledge of who Jesus is impacts everything that pertains to our lives.

This knowledge leads us to become acquainted with him and his truth–the truth which leads to everlasting life.

Because of this acquaintance nothing else has the free reign to govern or influence our thoughts, expressions, beliefs, or practices to the same degree as knowing Christ. Therefore, coming to the knowledge of Christ, works as a fundamental base which everything else is routed through.

Question: Do you allow what others are teaching you to come under the authority of the gospel of Jesus Christ?

If we are not convinced that knowing Jesus Christ is the only thing that matters and everything else builds from that, perhaps we should look into what knowledge we have gained from our learning.

Again, to know Jesus is to know what really matters.

Until next week, God bless you.


Lord, thank You for saving us, help us to live out the evidence of faith by producing fruit that is synonymous with knowing You as our Lord and Savior, Amen.