Dodson Ministry Update Feb-Apr 2024

Praise God for His peace!

First, my wife and I want to thank you for reaching out to us beyond our imagination regarding my cancer and her eye surgery. Your calls, prayers, and cards have been so very encouraging. You have expressed your love to us in ways beyond our explanation. Some have even expressed that we are in your daily prayers and have offered to come and clean and cook for us when my wife goes back into surgery. What a pouring out of love. Thank you so very much!

We are also praying that we can recruit more pastors, teachers and church leaders from the USA home front that are willing and passionate to go even for one week out of a year to have an impact globally for Christ Act 1:8.

Thank you so much for your prayers, and for your consistent monetary support in this global endeavor.

If God lays it upon your heart to support this ministry with a one-time gift or monthly monetary gift, please send all financial gifts to our sending church:

Trinity Baptist Church

3162 Baltimore Ave.

Indianapolis, IN 46218

Please indicate on the memo of your check for Dodson’s Global Ministry. Or if you choose to send your gift to RTT (Reaching Through Training) please indicate for RTT ministry and our sending church will make sure that the funds will go where it has been designated. 

If you can assist financially in the purchase of one or more Bibles for our students that are graduating, it would be a blessing to the students and their ministry.  You can send your support to Trinity Baptist Church, 3162 Baltimore Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46218. Indicate it is for Bibles of the RTT graduate students. 

From Jackson Ecuna the Director of RTT in E. Africa: In August 2024, RTT Ministry will be graduating 34 students in total from two centers in both Uganda and Kenya. Plus 8 students who did not graduate because they had not completed their course requirements. 

I am requesting prayers and support for 42 study Bibles (Each here is $33 x 42 = $1,386) to be given to these students at graduation to help them in their church ministry. Whether it’s one Bible or more would be greatly appreciated to give to these dear students.

His Servants,

Erskine & Phyllis Dodson

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