The harvest truly is plentiful

Uganda’s population is now at 40 million.

Greetings beloved partners in this global ministry,

I want to thank you so very much for your partnership in prayers and for those who also partner monetarily to help carry out this Great Commission of taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to far parts of the Globe.

My dear brother and friend, Pastor Causey, accompanied me to Uganda last month (June 2023). It was very enriching, and we praise God for using us for His glory in Uganda. I asked him to share a brief testimony about his first global mission trip:

Pastor Causey Statement:

I was blessed with the privilege of participating in my first global mission ministry with Dr. Dodson through RTT (reaching through training) ministries. It was a very enriching and fulfilling experience for me personally, As I was emerged in Uganda’s culture and customs while teaching and preaching the Word of God to the people of Amuli. The Ugandans were very excited to hear the Word of God; they were actively engaged in the Bible lessons and were eager to learn more about God’s holy Word. I thank God for using me in Uganda to bring glory to His name.

Pastor Ken Causey with plaid shirt is on the left

After arriving at the Airport in Uganda we traveled about eight hours before we got to our destination in the village/town called Apac. This is a picture of the ferry crossing the Nile River, which is the largest river in the world, over 4,000 miles long. We had to cross this to get to our destination. I had the privilege of sharing the gospel at the Nile River.

The joy of all was to reach the students that have a hunger and thirst for the Word of God. 

  • Pray for these students. Most of them are farmers that walk great distances or caught a ride on a bus or motorbike to attend class.
  • They sleep on the ground, or on a straw mat for the week. They make great sacrifices.
  • One dear brother in class was bit by a Cobra. His foot was badly swollen, but he was in class. He is the brother with the light blue shirt in the class on the right.  Pray for his healing.
  • Pray for all the students for their:
    • Provision
    • Their families and many of them are currently in ministry.
    • Pray that the Holy Spirit continues to illuminate their minds and that they will be deeply grounded in the Scripture with sound doctrine.

Pastor Frances with orphans, and students in the village.

Pastor Frances has started a school in his village because the students are not being educated. He has taken in several children that are ages 3-7 that have neither mom, dads nor relatives to take care of them. Pray for Pastor Frances and provision for this ministry. 

Open Air Evangelistic Meeting

Upon finish teaching in the Amuli Village at Kwania Bible College, Pastor Causey and I had the privilege to minister the very first Sunday at a New Church Plant. Pastor Causey preached the first service in the newly planted church, and I had the honor of speaking at an open-air evangelistic service after the normal service. There were well over 300 in attendance, and several came forth asking what must they do to be saved and some others wanted to rededicate their life to Christ. The new church plant is Aduku Town Baptist Church.

My strong desire beloved is to make Christ known globally even to the uttermost parts of the world, and to train and perfect pastors, church leaders, families within their indigenous communities, so that the Word of God will continue to increase and transform lives, for the glory of God.

We are also praying that we can recruit more pastors, teachers and church leaders from the USA home front that are willing and passionate to go even for one week out of a year to have an impact globally for Christ Act 1:8.

Thank you so much for your prayers, and for your consistent monetary support in this global endeavor.

If God lays it upon your heart to support this ministry with a one-time gift or monthly monetary gift, please send all financial gifts to our sending church:

Trinity Baptist Church

3162 Baltimore Ave.

Indianapolis, IN 46218

Please indicate on the memo of your check for Dodson’s Global Ministry. Or if you choose to send your gift to RTT (Reaching Through Training) please indicate for RTT ministry and our sending church will make sure that the funds will go where it has been designated. 

His Servants,

Erskine & Phyllis Dodson

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